Green Scene Plant Delivery Information

Attention All Plant Sitters
Plant Delivery Information for Green Scene 2014

Please deliver flats to Cheryl’s front yard Monday – Wednesday, April 7 – 9.

Deliver plants to Cheryl’s (10271 Geraldine Road, Garden Grove) and place them on the lawn near the house not near the street.

All flats of plants must be delivered before 10:00 am Thursday morning or you will be responsible for getting them to the Arboretum. If you have any problems, or need help meeting this deadline, please call Martha Haber at 562-421-0089.

Do not water the flats before delivering to Cheryl’s because it makes them too heavy. If they need watering the transport crew will spot water as needed.

Be sure every plant has a stick label in the pot before delivering them to Cheryl’s. We don’t want any unmarked plants. Call Martha Haber if a problem arises with this.

Insert the label stick in the FRONT of the pot facing forward to make it easier to read. The plants are so big, we’ll never see them if they’re in the back of the pot.

Members should call Martha Haber if they need any sticks before taking plants to Cheryl’s, or if they have any other problems or questions. Her phone number is 562-421-0089.

If a pot is empty, leave it in the flat. It will be pulled out later.

Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!




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