July 14, 15, 16
Orange County Fair

The California Organic Gardening Club will be participating in the Orange County Fair July 14, 15 and 16, 2017. COGC will sponsor a booth at building #15 in the Centennial Farm area. We will have a seed germination demo and give out free seeds and info about our Club. Please stop by and say “How does your garden grow?”
Members, contact Kim Gee to get a time slot to man our booth and get in to the fair free.

August 9, 2017
Annual Tomato Tasting & Harvest Potluck Dinner
Bring your best tomatoes for the Tomato Tasting.
Please prepare a dish made from the bounty of your garden
and share for the Harvest Potluck.
September 5, 6, 7
The National Heirloom Expo
Santa Rosa, CA

The National Heirloom Expo features three full days of nationally and internationally acclaimed speakers that include Vandana Shiva, Ronnie Cummins, Jeffrey Smith, Robert Kennedy, Jr., along with many more. More than 4000 varieties of local produce will by displayed. Purchase gardening supplies, seeds, sustainable living goods, and so much more from 300 vendors. The exhibit hall will be home to more than 150 heirloom related exhibits.      Click here for Expo info.