COGC Planting Parties for the Winter Garden

California Organic Gardening Club will hold 3 small planting parties at 3 different family homes in September. Members will plant flats of winter vegetables to be exchanged for our own gardens.  Four weeks later in October participants will meet again at a host home to trade seedlings. Flats will also be grown to sell at the Cypress Farmers Market as a club fund raiser.

Three families have donated their yards for the events. 6 members can attend each planting party plus 2 hosts for each party. The parties will be completely outdoors. Tables will be set up for social distancing. All participants must wear a mask and keep them on. Bring your own gloves and water. Do not bring food.

Saturday September 12   9 am – Noon

Sunday  September 13     9 am – Noon

Wednesday September 16   9 am – Noon

Please Note: You will need to make a reservation in advance with a host listed below. See your membership Roster for phone numbers and email address.

COGC will provide two flats, pots, soil, and seeds for each participant. Members may donate packs of new seeds they would like to grow and share. Each participant will fill pots and plant seeds at the party; then take plants home to care for and return one month later.

Only members in good standing may participate.
Membership has its benefits!

Members who do not feel comfortable meeting in a group can request a flat be set aside to pick up later. Then they can return prior to October plant swap meeting.

 RSVP – Please call or email or text one of the following hosts to reserve a spot.

Sept. 12 Roger and Mary Maxim

Sept. 13 Achala Chatterjee

Sept. 16 Kim and Ron Gee