Coronavirus Cancellations

Dear COGC members,

I have contacted the Fullerton Arboretum about Green Scene. They said the University is looking at all events right now. They will let us know as soon as they know.

We will hold off transplanting tomatoes this Saturday, March 14. We need to not waste all that soil and pots.

We ask anyone who has not planted a direct seed flat to wait. We need to stop planting until we find out if there will be a postponement or cancellation of Green Scene.


2 thoughts on “Coronavirus Cancellations

  1. Dear Sirs:

    Kellogg’s Garden Products soils and their Gardener & Bloome soils are transmitting the coronavirus.

    It is common knowledge that a virus does not have a nucleus and can wither much harsher conditions than a bacterium.

    Why would the coronavirus not survive in human fecal matter, passing into the damp and perfectly tempered subterranean plumbing system that runs under our cities, which stays at just under 60 degrees. the sewage system is the perfect culture dish to incubate and transfer the coronavirus. Kellogg’s is touting, they are a part of the answer with safe organic gardening, they are actually further accelerating and exacerbating this incredibly dangerous coronavirus that many experts suggest will impact 70% of the population when it takes its full course in the coming months. Kellogg’s and all of their soils are a huge potential cause of it in the greatest threat of modern time.

    Imagine the poor souls thinking they are growing a safe garden to feed their family and save a few dollars in this really hard time, and possibly seriously becoming ill or causing illness to others because of a simple gardening project. Kellogg’s should be pulled off the shelf immediately, you folks have the voice to bring this to LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest and tag and call all retailers that depend on your powerful voice. Lowes, The Home Depot, Walmart and thousands of other retailers need to be made aware, and even more importantly, us consumers deserve to know the potential transmittal of the contamination of this disease coming to us disguised as an “organic soil”. I think you owe it to everyone to immediately make a conscious choice to sell such dangerous products that are potentially killing people, and for consumers to be aware so we can choose! This is very serious and way beyond altering a label. We need you to make the world aware of this travesty, please.

    Thank you,

    James (anonymous)



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