Green Scene Tomatoes by Type List (2018)

COGC 2018 Tomato List

H = Heirloom
OP = Open-Pollinated

Cherry/Small Fruited

Black Cherry – OP, black

Blue Berries – very dark purple

Camp Joy – H, red

Chadwick Cherry – H, red

Isis Candy – bi-color

Sungold Select II– gold, low acid


Black Krim – H, 10-12 oz., beefsteak, heat tolerant, late

Cherokee Purple – H, 10-12 oz., beefsteak, heat tolerant, late


Copia – OP, 12-16 oz., late, NEW!

Pineapple – H, beefsteak, up to 2- lbs., late, low acid


Green Zebra – OP, 3 oz., heat tolerant


Amana Orange – H, 1-2 lb., beefsteak, late, low acid

Jubilee – H, 8-12 oz., low acid

Kellogg’s Breakfast – H, 1-2 lb., beefsteak, late

TangerineH, 5-7 oz.


Pink Oxheart – OP, 16-32 oz., late, NEW!


Roma – 3 inches long


Chianti Rose – H, pink, beefsteak,

1-2 lb, late


Glacier – H, early

Red Siberian – H, early

Stupice – H, extremely early


Crimson Carmello 4-5 inch fruit

Sioux – H, 6 oz., heat tolerant

Red Beefsteak

Brandywine Red – H, 10-16 oz., late


Better Bush – 3-4’ tall plant, early

Super Bush 3’ tall plant


Purple – H, 1 to 1-1/2” fruits, sweet tart flavor

Verde – H, standard green tomatillo


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