COGC Gives Thanks



The California Organic Gardening Club would like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make our Holiday Party such a roaring success!

The following members were on the Party Committee:
Shirley Balliet, Donnae Bergson, Dorothy Cooper, Brenda Konyak, Nora Palm, Cheryl Shults, and Janet Wells.

Thank you for taking time out of your busy holiday schedules to plan and set up the night’s festivities!

The following members created the gorgeous centerpieces:
Shirley Balliet, Dorothy Cooper, and Nora Palm

Thank you for your inspiration and craftsmanship!

The following member coordinated the Gift Exchange:
Donnae Bergson

Thank you, the gift exchange was such a fun concept and our members really got into it! In addition, Donnae was able to obtain very generous gift donations from The Huntington Library, Fern’s Garden, and Green Thumb Nursery.

Additional gift donations were made by the following members:

Dorothy Cooper – donated the Wreath and the live Christmas Tree which will make the holiday merry and bright for years to come!

Lois Jones – made and donated the Garden Art Shovel and two Driftwood and Ceramic Mobiles. Lois truly is the ‘McGyver’ of our group and we benefit from her creativity and ingenuity!

A special thank you goes to Cheryl Shults for arranging caterers for the party, in doing so the party committee was able to relax and enjoy the celebration!

Colored christmas glass balls isolated on white background








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