2015 Tomato Tasting Results

August 2015 Tomato Tasting Results

The following tomatoes were entered in this year’s Taste-Off:

  1. Better Boy
  2. Better Bush
  3. Black Cherry
  4. Black Krim
  5. Cherokee Purple
  6. Early Girl
  7. Gold Medal
  8. Grape
  9. Green Zebra
  10. Indigo
  11. Indigo Kumquat
  12. Japanese Banana
  13. Japanese Black Trifele
  14. Juliet
  15. Lollipop
  16. San Marzano
  17. Sungold
  18. Tangerine
  19. Valley Girl

Best Tasting Tomato Overall

1st Place:  Early Girl
Runner-up:  Green Zebra

Best Tasting Cherry Tomato

1st Place:  Sungold
Runner-up:  Indigo Kumquat


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