Happy Earth Day!

Mother Earth

For over 40 years, Earth Day—April 22—has inspired and mobilized individuals and organizations worldwide to demonstrate their commitment to environmental protection and sustainability.

We Can All Help!

Even a small change can make a big difference to the environment. No matter how busy you are, here are ideas you can easily add to your daily routine.

  • Use compact fluorescent light bulbs. They’re more energy-efficient and last longer, so they’ll save you money in the long-run.
  • Heat leftovers in a microwave. Faster heating = less energy use.
  • Shut down and unplug. Chargers use energy if you leave them plugged in when not in use. On any appliance, a green glowing light means energy is being used.
  • Turn off personal computers. The argument for leaving your computer on all the time is that turning it on and off somehow stresses the computer’s components. I don’t know a single person who leaves the TV on 24 hours a day. TVs contain many of the same components that computers do. TVs certainly have no problems being cycled on and off.
  • Skip the screensaver. Screensavers actually use more energy than a static image, since they require the computer to do calculations. And they don’t even save your screen: Back in the days of the flying toasters, screensavers prolonged the life of your monitor, but that technology isn’t applicable to today’s newer screens.
  • Recycle. When you can’t reduce or reuse/recycle. Understand your neighborhood program to make the most of it.
  • Minimize idle time. When waiting to pick up the kids, turn off your car to save gas and reduce emissions.
  • Donate used clothing, toys and household items. If you can’t use it, we bet someone else can!
  • Check dishwater settings. Choose “air dry” or “no heat dry” to save energy.
  • Shorten your showers. Every minute in the shower uses four to six gallons of water. Cut your daily shower by just one minute and you’ll save about 1,500 gallons in a year.
  • Put on a sweater during the winter months. You’ll save 5% for every degree you turn down your thermostat.
  • Wait for the full load. Whether cleaning dishes or clothes, run your machine only when you have a full load.

Earth Day

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