Tomato Pilates!


We sure spend a lot of time babying our seedlings. We start them indoors where they’re safe from the elements. We plant them in the best soil we can find. We use a warming pad underneath to help germination and growth, and they bask under grow lights all day long.

But guess what?  Your tomato seedlings need a good workout too.

“A workout?”

You bet!  The one thing that tomatoes miss from being outside is the wind. Movement helps build strong, thick stems, just like a Pilates workout will strengthen your “core”.

Mechanical stimulation is an effective way to make plants grow tougher and prevent excessive stem elongation (stretching). Brushing is the simplest way of treating transplants. Since it is hard to describe in words, seeing the motion can help you get it right the first time. Click on the link below to watch a short video that demonstrates what brushing should look like.


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