We finished all the planting a full week ahead of schedule!

We had such a wonderful response at the March 16 planting party–more than 20 members showed up ready to work–and work they did.  90 flats were planted, yes 9-0, that’s 2,250 tomato plants that were given new homes in big roomy pots, and around 150 flats of direct seeds were distributed and are now growing into the beautiful plants we will offer at Green Scene.

I want to recognize everyone who came and put forth such an impressive effort at our most recent planting party.

Cheryl                         Sue                              Emily                          John

Ed                                Erin                             Melinda                       Carol T.

Shirley                        Sandra                         Brenda                        Roger

Carolyn                       Ty                                Karen                          Lois

Mary (and Lily)          Ann                             Carol S. (new member)

Dorothy                       Julie                            Jeannie

The next time you see them, please give them a high-five for all their hard work!

Thanks to these and to all the members who came and seeded and transplanted over the last two months, the work parties for 2013 are finished.  Yes, we still have to nurture all these plants to maturity, and then sell them at Green Scene, but first a few minutes of rest and relaxation are in order.  Workers, put your feet up, pat yourself on the back, and feel proud of your accomplishment.

Thank you all,

Martha Haber
Green Scene Chair

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