Home and Handmade Market at November Meeting

For our November meeting the club will have a Home and Handmade Market. Items sold at the market are to be homegrown and handmade.

We realize that some of our members are “crafty” and have talents of which we are not aware. The Market will give you a chance to show your “stuff”!  Your family and friends are welcome to sell their handmade wares too.

For the sale the club will provide the tables/space, about a card table size space.  The sellers will to have to provide money to make change and bags. If you have a card table, please bring it to display your goods–then you will not have to share a table.

Doors will be open at 6 PM for sellers to set up.  Shoppers may come from 6:30 to 7:30.  At 7:30 the market will close—for the meeting and speaker.   After the speaker the Market will reopen for another 15 minutes.

Space is limited, so reserve your space early.  Contact Emily at emwiz406@sbcglobal.net or call 626-287-5724.  If e-mailing, on the subject line put ‘Handmade Market’.  Please include your name, phone #, and the type of items you plan to sell.

Some ideas:  baked goods, birdhouses, honey, eggs, jams, quilts, knit and crocheted items, pens, cookies, candy, jewelry, and Christmas gifts and decorations.  All must be homemade or handmade by you or your guest.

NOTE:  The Home and Handmade Market will be held in lieu of the Exchange Table. There will be no Exchange Table at this meeting.


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