Meeting Information

April 14, 2021 – Zoom Meeting

COGC will only inform members of upcoming Zoom meetings details via email.

Southern California Vegetable Gardening

with Julie Bawden Davis

Learn the secrets to growing vegetables in SoCal’s unique gardening climate from local garden expert, Julie Bawden-Davis, author of Southern California Vegetable Gardening (Book 1 in the SoCal Year-Round Gardening Series). Southern California has one of the best gardening climates in the world for growing veggies. Julie will share secrets to successful veggie gardening in SoCal and discuss a few vegetables and their unique growing needs. Also get your veggie gardening questions answered.


Virtual meeting rooms are susceptible to numerous digital threats—including hackers. Hackers have been hijacking video meetings and online classrooms on the popular software Zoom.

Tips for how to avoid getting hacked, including making meetings or classrooms on Zoom private and not sharing meeting links on social media. Posting links to our meetings on our website allows anyone who has access to the meeting link to join.

Therefore, COGC will only inform members of upcoming Zoom meetings via email.

Please do not share the meeting information with the general public. Share the information only with trusted individuals.

9501 Chapman Avenue, Garden Grove
7:00 pm – 7:30 pm – REFRESHMENTS
7:30 – 8:45 pm – PROGRAM

Guests and visitors are always welcome!

Refreshments are no longer to be consumed during the program due to the Women’s Club renovations. Please bring your own cups; it makes it easier for our refreshment person.

Help is always needed before the meeting to set up and afterward for cleanupAll members are asked to pick up and stack their chairs at the end of the evening.
Thank you for your cooperation!

Exchange Table Information

Bring any plants, seeds, or magazines you would like to exchange with others. Those who bring exchange items will receive a ticket. After the meeting the numbers will be called to pick out an item. Any items remaining are then available to the rest of the members to take.

sos-logoDorothy Cooper accepts donations for Second Harvest at every meeting. Bring canned food, fresh produce, or other items in original packaging. Please remember cereal for the youngsters.

12 thoughts on “Meeting Information

  1. Does it make sense to have the monthly meetings online?

    If yes, then please post links/change/edit above post.

    I’m thinking any of these probably work: FB and IG and YT Live, Zoom. WHAT DO U THINK ABOUT THIS IDEA?


    • Hi Kev, We have recently moved out meetings to Zoom! We are allowing guests to check us out, but encourage membership! If you’d like more information please feel free to email me and I can get you set up with the details.


    • Hi Kev, We recently started out meetings on Zoom! We are currently allowing guests to check us out, but we always encourage membership, please Email me if you’d like more details. Thanks!


  2. I do a lot of herb and vegetables gardening. I would like to join. My tomatoes keep losing their buds. I can’t find any of the bud set spray.


    • Hi Brenda, There are many reasons why a tomato might not set fruit or drop buds, Can you tell me more about the plant? Does it have any other indicators that something might be wrong? Or is it’s growth green and great, but still dropping flowers. Thanks


  3. I picked up a flyer at the farmers’ market in Cypress and am interested in your organization. I currently have a tomato plant and two strawberry plants that are under attack by a pest, but I don’t know what is attacking, or how to safely get rid of the pests. Is there someone who can take a look at some photos I took and help me determine what to do?


    • Hi Colleen, If you need some help with your strawberries feel free to email me with your photos and I will do my best to assist you. thank you.



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